Samaritan’s Feet

Air Jordan’s, Air Max, Reebok Princess Sneakers, Adi’s, or Keds – the choices that many young shoppers face deciding what shoes to go out and purchase this weekend.  But for many others who are less fortunate just having a pair of shoes that fit and are usable are true luxuries. And then there are those that don’t have shoes at all.

At Payment Huddle we are partnering with a fantastic charity called Samaritan’s Feet. Samaritan’s Feet is based in Charlotte, NC and their goal is to outfit over one million children per year with new shoes.  

Business Owners and users of the Payment Huddle website will find it as a great way to compare rates for payment processing. But there is something else just as important because it is also going to help a lot of younger children that are not as fortunate to help them buy new shoes.  We are happy to announce that we are going to donate a portion of each sale generated through the use of our online marketplace to support Samaritan’s Feet

According to Samaritan’s Feet, due to the lack of shoes, diseases are transmitted through contaminated soil and infect individuals through their feet. This scenario often prevents adults from being able to work, prevents children from going to school, and limits mobility and opportunities.

Samaritan’s Feet wants to do everything they can to stop the spread of these life-altering diseases by washing feet, providing shoes, and encouraging individuals. New shoes can prevent infections, protect from diseases, provide economic and educational opportunities, and propel individuals to pursue their dreams.

Please help us in our efforts to help these less fortunate children.