High-Risk Merchants – Payment approval tips

As more and more States legalize both Marijuana and Sports Betting this will lead to thousands of new online businesses that will be cropping up. Just because you build a website offering a new service such as this and now you are ready to take payments, there is no guarantee that a Payment Provider will approve you.

Understanding Interchange

The world of payments and payment processing can be a murky and confusing one. Most merchants are confused by ‘interchange’ settlement and its impact on the fees that they pay to accept credit and debit card payments. The card associations – Visa, MasterCard and Discover – assess other fees (assessments and dues) in addition to interchange to cover the costs of maintaining their system infrastructure and payment networks.

Online Payment Growth

On a recent Sunday my family and I took a trip to an outlet mall that we have not frequented in over 2 years. Many of our favorite stores were still in operation but what was most alarming was that nearly a quarter (1 in 4) storefronts that we saw were empty. In what appears to be a healthy economy what can we attribute to this decline?

Samaritan’s Feet

Air Jordan’s, Air Max, Reebok Princess Sneakers, Adi’s, or Keds – the choices that many young shoppers face deciding what shoes to go out and purchase this weekend. But for many others who are less fortunate just having a pair of shoes that fit and are usable are true luxuries. And then there are those that don’t have shoes at all.