How it Works

How it Works

At Payment Huddle, we’ve created a user experience that is easy, fast and painless.

Q & A

We will ask a short series of questions about your business including volume estimates and the type of business that you currently operate.

Get Quotes

Once those questions have been answered, our network of payment processing providers will provide instant quotes for your payment processing.

Make Your Choice

Once you select your preferred bid, we will disclose the name and specifics of that bidding processor to you.

Pre-Application Process

You can start the application process right away on our site. This process validates the rates that were quoted and will help expedite the underwriting process necessary to create a merchant account for you. We will also contact you if necessary to provide assistance.


One of our staff members from Payment Huddle will work with you to finalize the boarding process with one of our network providers and gather any additional inputs necessary to set you up.

Take Payments

Once finalized, you’re ready to start taking payments with your chosen provider.