What does Payment Huddle do?

We help small businesses and merchants get the best deal possible on merchant processing, period. By giving businesses multiple offers from several processors in a matter of minutes, we make comparison shopping easy. And we all know – when processors compete for your business, you win!
Whether you’re a first time business owner, a start-up or tenured operator we’ve got you covered. Payment Huddle is a leading online marketplace connecting you to some of the largest processors in the world/nation.

Does Payment Huddle charge any upfront fees, or charges?

Payment Huddle does not charge any kind of fee for the service of matching businesses with processors. In addition, no processor that you are matched with through Payment Huddle will ask you for any upfront fees to “guarantee” or “insure” an offer. Beware if you are asked for a fee or “insurance” before completing an application through our site. No legitimate processor does this.

If you receive calls, letters or emails from “processors” who say that they are Payment Huddle or who tell you that they represent Payment Huddle, make sure you know the facts:

Payment Huddle only matches merchants with processors on our network. You will be notified of processors you are matched with by the bids we receive from our network, by a merchant application or Payment Huddle Specialist through emails or over the phone.

Can I use Payment Huddle for business outside the United States?

Yes, we do work with international merchant processors.

What type of information do I provide to get offers?

We require some initial upfront information to help validate the type of business, risk assessment and the best processors to utilize on our network.

How does Payment huddle make money?

Processors pay us to be on our network to compete for your business. We pass your information on to them, and you choose the best offer. This model allows us to make Payment Huddle free to use, always. No markups from us, and no charges for you. Of course once you decide to choose an offer you will be responsible for any processing fees, setup costs, or other fees as normally required by your chosen processor.

How do I compare rates and offers on Payment Huddle?

It’s important that you evaluate all of the terms and details of each offer before you choose the one that’s best for your business. Compare the processing rates, term of agreement and other details of the offers that you will receive to each other because they will be different.

How will I finalize any offer that I choose/accept?

Payment Huddle will send you an e-mail with the processor agreement/application once you select an offer, usually within minutes. You will receive an email with the details of the offer, as well as the necessary paperwork to complete.

Upon receiving the completed applications/paperwork from you, one of the Payment Huddle Specialists will reach out via phone to validate any necessary information before we follow up with the processor to start the merchant setup.

How does Payment Huddle get competing offers?

Payment Huddle arranges for multiple merchant processing offers through its network of processors.

On the Payment Huddle network, processors provide to us criteria about the type of merchant processing (for example, average payment amount, risk category, existing or new business and payment volume) and the type of business (for example, retail vs restaurant) in which the processor is interested. Payment Huddle will provide your information to up to five processors whose criteria match your profile. If fewer than five Providers match your profile, you will receive offers from fewer than five processors.

How secure is my information?

Payment Huddle uses secure technology to ensure that the data you send us is protected, confidential and secure. Please see our Security Policy for more information.

My question wasn’t answered here. How can I contact Payment huddle directly?

We want to be your advocate throughout the application process. If you have questions or comments at any time, please contact us directly @ 888-928-0710